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NHPJ Consulting Group
P.O. Box 1042
Greenbelt, Maryland




Contract Specialists



N.H.P.J. Consulting Group, is a training & development, consulting and advisory firm located in Greenbelt, Maryland. Establish on November 10, 1998, we offer a variety of services to customers in the Private Sector, Local and State Government.


Responsibilities include but are not limited to the performance of pre and post award functions for a variety of complex, fixed price contracts; working knowledge of federal regulations and policies as well as the ability to perform cost and price data analysis in order to determine price reasonableness; preparation of contracting recommendations for the Chief Executive Officer that require research and interpretation of evolving government regulations, policies, guidance and laws. Assist with planning the negotiation strategy to develop the contract prices and terms. Performs detailed analyses of all elements of cost in contractor proposals. Determines the competitive range and prepares defensible justifications when required. Monitors such matters as contractual changes to insure requirements of the contract are met. Perform post-selection close-out activities. Advises the Chief Executive Officer of contractual rights and obligations. Provide leadership to resolve conflicts and assure compliance with contract requirements.


Candidate must have experience working with government and commercial contracts. The candidate should have strong working knowledge of Government regulations (e.g. FAR, DFARS, CAS and ITAR). The Candidate should have experience in contracting or related positions such as Procurement/Acquisitions Planning, Appropriations Law, or Contracting Certification Level III.


Highly competitive and negotiable based on education, years of experience, and expertise of applicant.

Our long term commitment to our people is backed by a competitive compensation packaged comprised of base salary, performance bonus, as well as a comprehensive benefits package. We continually monitor our benefits package and make revisions.  Our benefits plan encompasses several options designed to meet the needs of each employee. The benefits for which employees may be entitled are listed below:

" Health Insurance
" Dental Insurance
" Disability Insurance
" Paid holidays
" Retirement Plan (401 k)
" Performance Bonuses
" Tuition Assistance Program

EMAIL both the Pre-Interview Questionnaire and your Resume to us at:




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