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NHPJ Consulting Group
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Greenbelt, Maryland




Our Help When You Need It program help company employees deal with issues such as employee layoffs and helping employees to cope with traumatic events that have impacted the company in a negative way.  Employee layoffs can be devastating.  Events such as 9/11 can be traumatic.  We exist to help employees effectively respond to community-wide disaster, restore health, growth and resilience, and best practices in difficult and traumatic situations.


              Session 1:  Dealing With Tragedy In The Workplace

Our Help When You Need It program is designed to provide crisis management strategies to assist businesses with returning back to normal operations. Employees are the greatest asset of a company.   Addressing their issues and concerns after a tragedy serves to promote healthy success.

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              Session 2:  Dealing With Employee Layoffs

Sometimes it's difficult for employers to let their employees know they will be laid off.  It's even more difficult for employees to receive news they will be laid off.  Our Help When You Need It program is designed to help employees cope with the news of a job layoff.  We help employees with the anxiety of being laid off and also help the remaining persons who are affected by the layoffs of their coworkers.

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              Session 3:  Coping With Major Illnesses and                                  Disabilities

National Disability Employment Awareness month celebrates and recognizes the accomplishments in the workplace of men and women with disabilities.  There are times when employees need a word of encouragement. Our motivational seminar is designed to energize and revive persons to continue to "press on" in spite of their illnesses or disability.

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