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One Accord and Once Place Management

Our mediation program is designed to resolve business and employment disputes.  We handle issues that require mediation with integrity and strive to have all issues resolve in a dignified manner.  The objective is to begin the process of  "Repairing The Breach" that has occurred.

              Session 1:  Dealing With Blame

An organization faces difficulties which causes a great and turbulent "shake up" within the organization.  When this happens, it causes a multiple of opinions and views about the situation. People start pointing fingers and "blaming" each other back and forth.   Trust has been lost. Communication is practically nonexistent. Leadership is no longer trusted.   This "breach" has to be repaired for success to begin again.  Moving past "blaming others" is the first step towards starting again.

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              Session 2:  Generational Differences

We live in an a diverse society where people have diverse background coming from various cultures.  Within an organization this may be very apparent.   An organization may be very diverse as far as age group which may causes a breach due to "Generational Differences". This "breach" has to be repaired to move forward successfully.  This session is designed to help take advantage of the "age diversity" within your organization.

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              Session 3:  Forgiveness Is The Cornerstone

Unforgiveness leads to anger and anger leads to destruction.   This "breach" has to be repaired in order for a new beginning to occur.  If success is in your plans, then forgiveness has to be the cornerstone.  This session is designed to help you rebuild.

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              Session 4:  Meeting Facilitation

We facilitate meetings to mitigate conflicts that occur during meetings.  We facilitate meetings to keep old and past conflicts from resurfacing.  A successful meeting can occur if everyone is on one accord.  We facilitate meetings to ensure harmony, order, and tolerance so that the meeting objectives can be accomplished.

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              Session 5:  Organizational Mediation

Among various staff offices and divisions of a company, a conflict can happen and the issues need to be dealt with.  We mediate conflict to bring closure to those issues so that the company's Vision and Mission is not hindered.

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