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NHPJ Consulting Group
P.O. Box 1042
Greenbelt, Maryland




Our Consulting Services help clients solve their management challenges and achieve real, sustainable business value. Our Consulting offerings are based on years of experience assisting clients to transform their workplace environments. Our consultants are trusted advisors who help clients realize their goals for improved service levels and faster return on investment.

Our Consulting Services offering is delivered by a team of consultants with in-depth industry, business, and management experience. These seasoned consultants have empowered a range of companies to realize these goals in three strategic areas: Leadership, Human Capital Management, and Diversity.

Our Consulting Services approach is highly collaborative. Consultants work closely with clients during a combination of workshop sessions, individual interviews, and team reviews to develop an in-depth understanding of their unique business requirements.

Our Help When You Need It program help company employees deal with issues such as employee layoffs and helping employees to cope with traumatic events that have impacted the company in a negative way.  Employee layoffs can be devastating.  Events such as 9/11 can be traumatic.  We exist to help employees effectively respond to community-wide disaster, restore health, growth and resilience, and best practices in difficult and traumatic situations.

One Accord and One Place Management
Our Mediation program is designed to resolve business and employment disputes.  We handle issues that require mediation with integrity and strive to have all issues resolve in a dignified manner.  The objective is to begin the process of  "Repairing The Breach" that has occurred.

Human Capital Management
Our Human Capital Management program can help your company maximize the most important investment-- your people.  We provide your company with an objective appraisal of the human factors that impact your ability to achieve optimal performance within your organization.

Such factors affect the productivity, development, recruitment, and retention of your employees, and ultimately the success of your overall business.

Team Building Program
Wherever your team is now, team building sessions from our consulting team can help raise the level of your team's effectiveness. Having the tools and materials is not enough to achieve outstanding results. A high level of positive engagement and ways to neutralize negativity are crucial to insuring ongoing success.

We specializes in helping leadership teams across industries perform at high levels. We have assisted teams on how to better align their goals and management practices to improve communication and minimize conflict with team members. Whether you are going through your annual planning process, involved in an acquisition, entering a new market or improving teamwork in general, we can bring value added to your team and beyond. Our team-building efforts are tailored to each team's construct. We work with intra/inter-departmental teams, project or task teams, multi-level management or executive teams, and merged organization teams.

Process For Requesting Our Services

     1.  Complete Service Request form using links just below:                             

     2.  Send request form to us at:

     3.  After receiving a Service Request from, we will contact the Requester within 5  Business           Days to schedule a Teleconference Meeting to discuss the service request.







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