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Coping With Major Illnesses & Disabilities is a  seminar that will help students learn how to cope with irreversible illnesses and disabilities.  Learn how to make adjustments and continue  to live life with greater productivity than ever before.      ___________________________________________________________________________

Anger Management is a seminar that help students to effectively manage anger.   People often show anger at home, work, and while driving.  Anger must be managed in order to get along    with coworkers family, and other  persons we come in contact with on a daily basis.      ___________________________________________________________________________

Managing Your Money in this seminar, learn the principles of stewardship.  Learns how to eliminate wasteful spending and gain more control over your income and spending habits.      ___________________________________________________________________________

Help Me Keep My Family Together:  Every family has issues, situations, problems, conflicts, and disagreements that often separate and divide themselves.  Family members can go for years without speaking to one another.  This seminar is designed to help prevent these kind of breaches from occurring within your family.      ___________________________________________________________________________

Becoming A Better Father:  Many men are not prepared to be fathers and raising children. These men were never taught valuable principles to prepare them to raise their sons and daughters.  This seminar is designed to help men become the fathers they are meant to be.        ___________________________________________________________________________

A Biblical Focus On Marriage:   After a man marries a woman, they must continue to cultivate and develop their marriage.   Learn more about marriage in this dynamic seminar as you prepare to spend years with your spouse.      ___________________________________________________________________________

Breaking Negative Generational Patterns:  Bad habits and traits are often passed down from generation to generation.  Children and grandchildren often become just like their parents and grandparents.      This seminar is designed to teach key principles to help break those patterns that negatively affect each generation of that family.        ___________________________________________________________________________

25 Do's and Don'ts in Marriage:   Sixty (60) percent of all marriages end in divorce.  After a man marries a woman, often times they do not realize the simple things that can often lead to anger, frustration, resentment, bitterness, and finally divorce.  This seminar is designed to help keep divorce from being an option.

The Heart of The Matter:  Bitterness, anger, wrath, and malice are often times conditions of  the heart.  People act on what's in their heart.     This seminar is designed to help clean and transform a person's heart so they can have better relations with friends, relatives, neighbors, family members, coworkers, and complete strangers.        ___________________________________________________________________________


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